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By: Kelly Leighton on in

What Home Features Make You Feel Safe?

It’s no surprise that 96% of people feel either safe or at least somewhat safe in their homes with the onslaught of home security available in today’s world.

However, a recent survey from SafeHome found that 21% of people have had a home broken into, and 12% said they were almost victims of a break-in. What is making homeowners and renters feel safe, despite these statistics? The top answer is a professionally monitored home security system, which 15% of respondents have, followed by a gun, which 29% of respondents have. Nearly one quarter of people have security cameras on the property, while 17% have an entry pad with a code and alarm system.

While “cameras on property” and “no trespassing” signs may deter potential break-ins, the majority of respondents said these signs do not increase their safety perceptions, and neither do thorny shrubbery or window curtains – but people still use them.

Of those with a home security system, 31% own a multi-accessory one, and 79% of those residents felt safe, compared to 30% who own an all-in-one security device, and 75% of those people felt safe. Eighty percent of those who receive notifications from their systems on their phones feel safe, while 60% who do not feel the same way.

However, some residents did voice concerns that some of their safety measures could, in fact, end up harming themselves. More than half of respondents said a gun is a security risk, followed by 28% who said another self-defense item, such as a knife or bat, is a risk and 20% said using their dog as a security feature could backfire.



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