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Use technology to give clients instant access to information

by Kim Shindle on

Asking clients how they prefer to communicate is critical in today’s real estate market, according to Melissa Case, corporate blog manager for Citrix and a former Realtor®.

“The way it’s always been done won’t work anymore,” Case, who spoke at the NAR Tech Edge program in Harrisburg, said. “A majority of your customers are millennials. They live electronically through texting, Instagram and Snapchat.”

“While most Realtors® live and die by their mobile phones, millennials don’t want to talk with you. They don’t usually want an email and they definitely don’t want a voice mail,” she added. “This generation is your business now. Think about how they want to communicate.”

Realtors® need to consider how their customers want to communicate and what will make things easier for them.

“Show potential clients listing presentations on a laptop or tablet,” Case said. “Show them CMAs on the fly on your phone. You should give them everything they need to know as you’re sitting with them. If you’re looking at a house, compare it to other listings on your phone or tablet while you’re still in the house. That’s how they want to do business.”

Case encourages Realtors® to make the transition to online document storage, transaction management and digital signatures. “There are services that allow you to execute business with your clients, wherever you’re located. They’re secure and they keep you in compliance – there’s no danger of losing paperwork.”

Consider having a meeting with clients who are out of the area using online video conferencing like Google, Skype or GoToMeetings. “You can quickly meeting to talk with them online to help them understand the process,” she added.

“These online tools are a convenience and they make things easier. Everything can be executed electronically and you don’t have to have a piece of paper anywhere,” she said.

“Clients want this type of service because it’s easier and secure,” Case added. “And if you’re not offering it, someone else is.”


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