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Top Home Improvement Projects Consumers Are Completing in COVID-19

By: Kelly Leighton on in

With many people spending more time in their homes this year, it is not surprising that home improvement projects have increased in popularity.

A recent survey found that 76% of homeowners have completed at least one home improvement project since the coronavirus shutdown occurred in the U.S. Even more owners (78%) plan to complete a project over the next year.

The majority of homeowners (61%) chose to spend their time and resources outside. Garden landscaping, fixing or adding a lawn and fixing or replacing windows were the top exterior projects. Fifty-eight percent of respondents worked indoors, completing common projects like repainting, adding new light fixtures or a kitchen upgrade.

The start of the pandemic forced 31% of respondents to make changes, 11% made changes to work from home while 7% made home changes to help with kids’ schooling from home. Thirty-three percent added or plan to add a high-speed internet connection, while 17% added or plan to add a home office. A gym and outdoor pool were other projects completed or on the to-do list from 16% and 18% respectively due to the pandemic.

Researchers also found an uptick in environmentally-friendly home updates. Fourteen percent of respondents put up solar panels, while 12% installed smart lighting to help lower electricity usage and 11% started a compost heap or installed eco-friendly appliances. Millennials were the most apt to plan to use more green resources at 56%, followed by 43% of Generation X and 14% of baby boomers

The most common answer homeowners had to “Why now?” for home improvement projects during a pandemic was finally having the time for it, a quarter of respondents said, followed by looking to add value to the home and making their home feel more cozy. Sixteen percent said they were adapting to the new lifestyle thanks to COVID-19.

Buyers Still Motivated, Despite Pandemic Challenges

“Home is more important than ever before, and ownership has become a key priority for many, particularly those who have never bought a home before,” said D. Steve Boland, president of retail at Bank of America. “Owning a home has historically helped families create a legacy and enabled them to build long-term wealth.”

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