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Three Pennsylvania Towns Nab Spots on Best Places for Remote Workers List

By: Kelly Leighton on in

Lebanon, York-Hanover and Lancaster were named the top, third and fourth best places for remote workers, according to a recent study.

Factoring both home and rent prices, cost of living, crime rates, access to parks, amount of sunshine in a year and broadband/Wi-Fi coverage, cities in south central Pennsylvania came out on top.

In Lebanon, which was ranked No. 1 overall, the median home value is $181,800, more than $82,000 below the national average of $264,200. The town offers a variety of broadband providers and free Wi-Fi throughout, as well as plenty of access to parks and green space.

“Working from home offers the flexibility to get out and enjoy all we have to offer in the area,” said Stephanie Vega, president of the Lebanon County Association Of Realtors®. “We have a small-town feel and we are conveniently located within an easy travel distance to all major cities and tourism. Lebanon offers some of the most wonderful areas to live with affordable housing.”

York-Hanover, ranked third, also boasts a below-average median home price, at $200,500, as well as plenty of green space and broadband/Wi-Fi. For those looking for a “slower pace,” head to the area, said Realtors® Association of York and Adams Counties President Tina Llorente.

“It’s the quality of life here,” she said. “We have a wonderful work-life balance mix here. You can finish work and be out on the rail trail in 10 minutes cycling or be in one of the county parks. You can hike, bike, rent a kayak or walk your dog at a state park. I think that is part of the appeal, the quality of life here.”

Like most areas, there is low inventory in the region, so Llorente recommends those looking immediately connect with an agent to see homes. With all the opportunities available in the area, she said buyers should decide what type of lifestyle they are looking for, whether that is close to water or near a downtown.

Lancaster rounded out Pennsylvania’s top 10 appearances, coming in fourth. Even with a pricier median home value ($226,600), the area comes below the national median by nearly $40,000. With a population of half of a million, Lancaster offers a wide variety of life, from a downtown to the Amish farmlands, as well as plenty of green space and access to Wi-Fi and broadband.

“You have the best of both worlds, a thriving city and picturesque suburbs and countryside. The city and county are known for its wide array of restaurants, shops, art galleries and entertainment venues, in addition to a park system that is second to none with over 2,000 acres for people to relax after a long day at their home office,” said Tom Blefko, president of the Lancaster County Association of Realtors®.

However, buyers looking to purchase in Lancaster County shouldn’t hesitate. “It is so important that buyers understand that we are in a low-inventory, fast-moving market that requires buyers to put their best foot forward with any offer to purchase,” said Blefko. “Homes that are in good condition and priced well get multiple offers, so getting a second bite at the apple with a counteroffer from the seller typically isn’t happening.”

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