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There’s an app for that

By: Kim Shindle on in  | 

There are 1.6 million mobile apps available for smart phone users – and many will make it easier for Realtors® to do business. During a recent National Association of Realtors® Tech Edge seminar, five speakers listed their favorite apps and software programs.

  • HomeKeeper – Realtor® J. Philip Faranda said, “This app is an online Rolodex, branded to you. It allows you to keep the contact information for an electrician, contractor, mortgage broker, and send it to your clients.”
  • Contactually – Realtor® Healther Elias touted this app/desktop program. “This tracks your touch point with consumers and past clients. It easily organizes and prioritizes clients, referrals and leads to generate more business. This way, no one falls through the cracks.”
  • Camera+ – Recommended by former Realtor® Melissa Case, the app provides users with tools to improve mobile photos. “It has wonderful filters and tools; it’s as close to having your own dark room as possible.”
  • Wise Agent – Realtor® Joe Sheehan recommended this program as a customer relationship management software. “This program allows you to store an enormous amount of information about your clients and it integrates with other programs like MailChimp, Gmail and BombBomb. It’s well worth the monthly fee.”
  • CamScanner – Faranda said this app allows you to turn your phone or tablet into a scanner. “You can take a photo of a document and it automatically creates a pdf of it and save it in the cloud. It makes it easier to send documents in an email.”
  • MagicPlan – Realtor® Erica Ramus uses this app to create inside maps. “You don’t need to carry around measuring tapes anymore. This app measures rooms and draws floor plans just by taking pictures.”
  • Facebook Messenger – Case recommended the Facebook Messenger app to contact clients. “You can use it to send money, call Uber and send instant messages to clients.”
  • QualiferPlus – Ramus likes this app, which is a mortgage payment calculator. “If you pay for an upgrade, the app goes more indepth.”
  • Waze – Faranda said you’ll never be late or get lost again with this app. “This traffic app provides a GPS for cell phones and crowd sources traffic information.”
  • TripIt – Case said this app integrates travel information – flight and hotel reservations – in one place. “At the end of the year, the app will aggregate a list of expenses so you have everything in one place.”

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