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Taking Safety Precautions as a Realtor®

By: Bill Festa on in  | 

In talking with Realtors® throughout the state, they’re telling similar stories of an increased numbers of buyers entering the market, tight inventory and numerous offers on properties. Despite the pandemic shutdown, we’re seeing a very active market.

I know many of you are extremely busy, meeting clients, listing homes, showing homes, writing contracts and all of the activities we do in our day-to-day businesses. For many of us, it feels like business is returning to what we were seeing in early March. But I want to caution you that everything is not back to “normal.”

Pennsylvania, like many other states, has seen an uptick in numbers of COVID-19 cases since businesses have started to reopen. The state continues to have a mandatory mask requirement in place, along with other required and recommended safety precautions. I strongly urge all Realtors® to continue wearing masks and taking every safety precaution to ensure the safety of you, your fellow Realtors® and your clients.

In talking with state officials and legislators, it’s clear that the state is increasingly relying on contact tracing to determine where the greatest risk of infection is located. Places that have larger number of people, especially where they are not wearing masks, have been specifically identified as higher risk activities. That’s why it’s important to maintain a record of ALL appointments, and that either the listing broker or buyer broker maintain contact information for all individuals who visit the property during the transaction. Many people who have been COVID-19 tested have received a close contact check list that asks them to list the names of people they were in close contact with so they’re able to notify them in the event they are positive for the disease. Maintaining your records ensures you’re able to be responsible and contact people who may have been exposed in the transaction.

Realtors® should be setting the example of how to safely buy and sell real estate, protecting our clients’ interests as well as their health. Following the CDC and state’s recommendations on cleaning and sanitizing properties, maintaining social distancing and wearing personal protective gear are all ways we can continue to show that we are able to conduct business safely.

We know that real estate is life essential and PAR continues to advocate on your behalf with the state. By following the safety guidelines that have been outlined, we show that Realtors® are able to conduct business without putting their clients, or themselves, at risk.

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  • Ruth Killian   August 10, 2020 at 8:20 am

    Thank you for sharing this warning to us.

    Reply to Ruth Killian
  • Tom Lowy   August 10, 2020 at 10:59 am

    Wear a MASK Have your clients wear masks – no more than 3 at a time in the house. Agent wears gloves lookers do not touch anything.

    Reply to Tom Lowy

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