Staying Connected to Your Real Estate Clients

“Ask yourself what works with your personality. It has to feel authentic to you as a Realtor®. If its authentic to you, you’re excited for it. Doing those kinds of things is an easy conversation starter with your client,” said Maura Neill.

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Strategizing your social media plan

“Realtors® are being told to use every form of social media, and they’re scattering themselves over everything. It can make them frustrated. They need to have a strategy and a plan. It’s best to learn one platform and then move on. I think everyone should try this stuff. Don’t be afraid,” said Chirag Shah, the owner of Life NY in Westchester County, New York, and the founder of Lifestyle Westchester.

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Making your social media work for you

“I am blown away by how few Realtors® use LinkedIn, and if they do use it, they don’t use it in a way that can grow their business,” said Karen Yankovich, a social media marketing consultant that will be presenting at next month’s Triple Play in Atlantic City. “Even if you are not looking to using it as a marketing tool, use it to stand apart from your competition.”

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