Radon Problems? Make Sure Your Inspector Is Properly Licensed

The Pennsylvania Radon Certification Act requires that only specially certified radon testers and mitigators can be used for this purpose. However, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection reports there have been several instances where a non-certified individual performed these services under the guise of being certified and actually raised the radon levels in the home, in addition to causing other issues in the home.

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Radon is an invisible issue in some homes

Pennsylvania doesn’t require radon testing, but that’s the only way to know if a home has higher-than-recommended level of radon, according to Robert Lewis, radon division chief at the Bureau of Radiation Protection in the Department of Environmental Protection.

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Radon fees to increase

The cost of radon system installation is set to increase in Pennsylvania with the recent adoption of new fee regulations from the Department of Environmental Protection.

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Radon, radon everywhere…

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released an extensive report on radon, suggesting that there may be a greater risk of lung cancer at lower exposure levels than earlier believed. REALTORS® and consumers may think the report’s recommendations (establish action levels for radon remediation at the equivalent of 2.7 pCi/L) have the force of law in the United States. They do not.

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