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Legal Hotline Hints

On the hotline, we really appreciate everyone working to keep it moving efficiently. Not only is the market insanely busy for all of our members, it makes the hotline that much more busy.

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Best of the Legal Hotline: What Pennsylvania Realtors® Are Asking About Fair Housing

“Do not be blindly following customers instructions,” said Desiree Brougher, a PAR attorney. “As a license, you are held to a higher standard of knowledge and behavior. Your job is to educate your clients and sometimes other Realtors® on fair housing laws. If your client is not willing to follow fair housing laws, it is OK to drop them.”

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Read. The. Forms.

Each year the PAR Legal Hotline fields a fair number of calls with questions can be answered simply by taking the time to carefully read some of the most common transactional forms every so often.

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