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Tina McNaughton

Finance Manager
Tina McNaughton

Tina McNaughton is the finance manager for PAR. Tina analyzes local government/municipal information pertinent to the real estate industry in order to populate a Municipal Ordinance Database. She also serves as a liaison between software company and local Realtor® associations throughout Pennsylvania to facilitate product release and implementation.

Tina also has four years of experience in local planning, zoning, construction and maintenance codes and administering Ordinances and policies at the local government level.

Tina's past experiences include entrepreneur of a business in the hospitality industry for nine years and 25 years in the information technology field. Additionally, project management, computer science field and business management accreditation from USDA Graduate, Advanced Technology and U.S. Army Management Institutions. She received the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award for past service to the Department of Navy.