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Remember to Make Your Realtor® Voice Heard at the Polls Tomorrow

by Bill Festa on

I’d like to strongly encourage you to take the time to cast your vote at the polls tomorrow. As Realtors®, we’ve seen firsthand how elected officials affect how we do business.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. tomorrow to vote in-person for those who haven’t already voted via mail-in ballot. However, you should check your county elections office to make sure your polling location hasn’t changed, as some locations have been altered due to the pandemic.

Make a plan for when you will go vote and I encourage you to do your research and find candidates who will best represent you. Each vote counts and has an impact on how your local community, state and country is run and represented.

We need to continue our pursuit to protect private property rights and the real estate industry. And one way to do that is to get out and vote. Please join me in voting to ensure that the Realtor® voice is heard.

For more information on tomorrow’s election, visit


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Ryan Thomas

Hopefully recent events have woke people up to the importance of voting. These people represent our interest and protect our rights (or are supposed to). In Real Estate, we need tax reform!