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Future Meeting Dates

For planning purposes, the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® releases its meeting schedule for the upcoming next few years.

Municipal Code and Ordinance Compliance Act

MCOCA has been amended by Act 133 of 2016 to address situations in which municipalities were inappropriately withholding or impeding...

If I have a real estate license in another state, how can I get my Pennsylvania real estate license?

Pennsylvania law provides “license reciprocity” for real estate licensees in order to facilitate business transactions across state lines.

Oil and Gas

There are specific things to keep in mind when a property has oil and gas mineral rights attached to it...

Flood Insurance

Floods are the nation's most common natural disaster. Flood damage is rarely covered under your homeowners or renters policy.

Fair Housing

State and national Fair Housing Laws prohibit discrimination against any person based on: age, ancestry, color, disability, familial status, national...

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