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NAR’s Commitment to Excellence: Have you signed up?

By: Kelly Leighton on in  | 

Have you committed to excellence?

NAR’s Commitment to Excellence Program, also known as C2EX, is a new benefit available to all members. It’s not a designation or a certification. The goal of this online program is to take professionalism to the next level and ensure members are providing the best possible service to consumers and one another. It’s built around competency areas ranging from data privacy, customer service, code of ethics, advocacy and technology.

“C2EX is a great way to hone your real estate skills. Whether you are a salesperson or broker, have been in the business a short while or many years, C2EX will help you uncover practice areas where you need to refresh your knowledge,” said Richard Strahm, the 2019 president of the Montgomery County Association of Realtors®. “The ethical practice of real estate is all about consumer protection and education. Successfully completing the C2EX program will help you better serve your clients and make you a better Realtor®.”

No two Realtors® will have the same experience. The program offers a completely customized path toward success by factoring in each individual’s preexisting level of skill and knowledge.

“The C2EX program is well set up, and easy to navigate. It’s easy to use on a smart phone, you can do a segment on your phone while waiting for a client or between meetings,” added Strahm. “If you commit the time to the program, you will get much more out of it than you put in. I’m happy to share with my clients that the National Association of Realtors® has endorsed me through the Commitment to Excellence program. It helps them validate their decision to choose me as their real estate professional. And it helps me differentiate myself from others in my marketplace.”

When you log onto the platform for the first time, you’ll be prompted to take an assessment to determine proficiency levels in each of the competencies. Based on your assessment’s results, the C2EX platform generates customized learning paths and provides tools/resources to increase your knowledge and skill set. You’ll earn “excellence badges” as you progress through the 10 competencies and conclude with NAR’s official Commitment to Excellence endorsement.

“There’s no doubt about it, C2EX has made me a better Realtor®,” said Adrienne “Abe” Wagner, a Realtor® with the Realtors® Association of Westmoreland, Indiana and Mon-Valley, noting that she and her husband, Robert “Wags” Wagner, are “big believers” in education.

“When C2EX was unveiled in November 2018, we embraced it as another way of setting us apart from other Realtor® members. It’s a competitive advantage and national marketing sets us apart from our competitors. It is a game changer for our profession. Now there’s a way for members to prove that they embrace and believe in our Code of Ethics,” added Abe.

“Once you have acquired your endorsement, it’s a resource that is constantly being updated with new information keeping you on the cutting edge of what is happening in our profession. Every two years, you need to update your endorsement, but realistically, you should log back in and see what’s been updated on a regular basis,” said Wags. “It’s an excellent program for brokers to use in meetings to raise the level of professionalism within their company. From my experience, the advocacy element will be the best and most challenging learning experience for our members. It covers our Realtor® Party, NAR’s Homeownership Matters program and our legislative meetings, all core elements that makes us the protectors of property rights and the hearts of our communities.”

“Brokers, it’s time to challenge yourself and your agents,” added Abe.

Pennsylvania Realtors® rave about NAR’s C2EX program

“The C2EX course was very easy to finish and very informative as well. It offered a great combination of information about technology use in our business, the importance of customer service and quick reminders about professionalism and ethics for dealing with the public and other Realtors®. I enjoyed the review of such important information in a concise manner, easy to use program. This should be on everyone’s list to complete this year,” said Maryellen O’Brien, a Realtor with Keller Williams Real Estate in Doylestown. 

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  • Eileen Doheny   March 29, 2019 at 10:25 am

    When is the online training scheduled to be held. How do I access the online training?

    Reply to Eileen Doheny
  • Tom Walsh   March 29, 2019 at 11:29 am

    Is this a platform that we commercial agents can use? Do we know of any commercial agents who have gotten their endorsement or are involved in the training?

    Reply to Tom Walsh
    • Kelly Leighton   March 29, 2019 at 11:51 am

      Hi Tom,
      There isn’t a commercial specific track, but it’s information that can be utilized by all Realtors®.

      Reply to Kelly Leighton
  • Shuey, Maria   January 23, 2020 at 1:59 pm

    I was told this course now qualifies for MCE. Can you please confirm? If so, does it qualify for the Code of Ethics requirement as well, and how many hours of credit is given?

    Reply to Shuey, Maria
  • Hank Lerner, Esq.   January 23, 2020 at 5:10 pm

    As of 2020, NAR will recognize a completed C2EX endorsement in place of the 2.5 hour ethics training requirement. Basically, who completes C2EX (the entire track, not just the ethics portion), does not have to take the additional ethics training. This would only apply for one 3-year cycle – it’s not a lifetime exemption.

    I can tell you that C2EX does not qualify for continuing education in PA and it is highly unlikely that it ever could. There are some schools who may teach the ethics course for credit, though. You’d need to check with each school to see what they offer.

    Reply to Hank Lerner, Esq.

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