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It's easy being green

By: Hank Lerner, Esq. on in

There has been a lot of recent government action at both the national and state levels to roll out new “green” programs of various sorts. In Pennsylvania, there are a number of new programs, including several that provide grants or low interest loans to homeowners and small business owners who do certain energy efficient upgrades.


A lot of practitioners (and their clients) might not know about these programs, and with the way things are changing even learning about them today won’t necessarily get you up-to-date as new programs are created and existing programs are enhanced. A quick and easy way to keep tabs on what’s happening is to subscribe to ongoing announcements put out by the state and federal governments.  For state programs, you can sign up for e-mail announcements (I did – that’s why I’m writing this…), and you can subscribe to an RSS feed and/or e-mail updates for Federal programs as well.

Pay More for Energy Efficiency? Buyers Say Yes

“There are a wide range of green features that buyers feel are desirable,” noted Paul Emrath, Ph.D., VP of surveys and housing policy research at National Association of Home Builders. “Energy efficiency, though, tops the list of what they most want.”

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