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By: Kelly Leighton on in

Is it time to update your listing presentation?

When was the last time you updated your listing presentation?

While your listing presentation may still be working for you, can it be better? It may be time to update it. There are some resources available to Realtors® to make their presentation even better.

“I used to have my own listing presentation folder that I always brought with me and then just tailored it to the specific client I was meeting, however, because of technology, our MLS and RPR®, I have a much better and more professional looking presentations that give you the inserts, allow you to upload your own inserts and incorporate the comps right from the MLS. It is a well-planned Comparative Market Analysis, so trying to stick with the old ways is just not practical anymore,” said PAR President-elect Bill Festa.

PAR President Bill McFalls Jr. echoed Festa’s recommendation for using RPR®. “RPR® has advantages, you can easily make reports and add in charts and colored graphics, which many clients like,” he said. McFalls also said he likes to include NAR’s Code of Ethics in his listing presentation to remind buyers and sellers about the standards he is upholding.

What about what not to do? Festa has some advice.

“I will warn you of a mistake that I made that was costing me business and I had to change quickly. I got to the point where I took certain listing appointments for granted and assumed they were going to just list with me, whether it was friends, neighbors and, yes, family, so I would cut corners and cut my presentation short or not use a listing presentation at all,” Festa said. “This was a bad move. This sometimes caused them to check with other agents, who had professional presentations, and put me in a position to lose business. Now, I take nothing for granted.”

“Being a small office, I always had to find ways to compete with the ‘big guys’ and these listing presentations have helped to level the playing field,” added Festa.

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  • May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am Aaron Gray says

    When meeting with family and friends I always begin stating, “When working with family and friends there is the tendency to put the friendship in the driver’s seat, which robs you of seeing my professional self. Therefore, I am going to treat this appointment as if you found me online and agreed to meet with me. Hello, Mr. Homeowner thank you taking the time to meet with me to discuss listing your property for sale….

    • May 15, 2019 at 8:15 am Kelly Leighton says

      That’s a great suggestion, Aaron!


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