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PAR Government Affairs is your voice in state government advocating for positive change that supports your business and the clients you represent.

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How is PAR Government Affairs Working for You?

Decisions made at every level of government impact you and your business. PAR is working to ensure that our officials understand Realtor® issues and support policies that promote homeownership and private property rights.

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The PAR Government Affairs team provides updates for Pennsylvania Realtors® via the Capitol Report.

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Latest Government Affairs Content

NAR Advocating for Federal Priorities

Congress is currently negotiating a fourth round of stimulus funding to address the pandemic – dubbed “Phase 4.”

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How Gov. Wolf’s New Restrictions Impact Real Estate

What does Gov. Wolf’s latest restrictions mean for Realtors®?

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Rural Communities Are Struggling Without Sufficient Broadband Connectivity

The Federal Communications Commission estimates that at least 800,000 people in Pennsylvania are without sufficient broadband access, which people rely on broadband for education, telemedicine, commerce and social networking, just to name a few.

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New Law Changes Criminal History Policy for Professional Licensure Boards

Act 53 clarifies that conviction of a crime does not automatically preclude someone from being issued a state professional or occupational license. The state licensing boards/commissions must first determine if the applicant’s particular criminal offense is directly related to the duties, functions and responsibilities of the license applied for, and then must conduct an individualized assessment of the applicant.

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