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PAR Government Affairs is your voice in state government advocating for positive change that supports your business and the clients you represent.

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Decisions made at every level of government impact you and your business. PAR is working to ensure that our officials understand Realtor® issues and support policies that promote homeownership and private property rights.

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The PAR Government Affairs team provides updates for Pennsylvania Realtors® via the Capitol Report.

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Latest Government Affairs Content

Legislation Introduced to Continue Livestream Education

PAR is advocating for swift passage of the legislation when the General Assembly returns to session later this month.

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General Assembly Approves Resolution to End Emergency Declaration

Along with this measure, the legislature also passed House Bill 854 on June 9, with new language extending all of the regulatory waivers that had been issued under the emergency order. Those waivers, including one that allow livestreamed education courses to be counted under the rules applicable to in-person courses, are now extended to Sept. 30. HB854 was approved by both the Senate and House of Representatives and now moves to the governor’s desk for his signature.

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CEO Corner: Discussing Private Roadway Maintenance Legislation

House Bill 523 would provide statutory language establishing shared responsibility among property owners for private roadway maintenance in situations when a private maintenance agreement is not in place.

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Rental Assistance Funding Approved, Governor Presents Budget Proposal

Legislation creating the framework for distribution of $570 million in rental assistance funding was signed into law. The additional funding for Pennsylvania property owners and renters was provided in the second federal stimulus bill approved by Congress in late December.

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