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Finding the best neighborhood for your buyers

by Kelly Leighton on

Finding the right neighborhood for your buyer is easy thanks to the housing, demographic and economic data found within Realtors Property Resource®, a member benefit from the National Association of Realtors®.

Creating a report that caters to your clients’ wants and needs in a home is easier than you expected, thanks to RPR®. The site allows you to tailor to your clients’ interests in a neighborhood based on three features. You can then create a free report so your buyer can see for themselves what area is a great fit for them. Once logged into the RPR® site, click on neighborhoods and from there you can begin creating your report.

  • People – The people tab gets to the heart of who lives in the neighborhood and whether those demographics are a good fit for your client. Here you will find a side-by-side comparison chart that measures population counts, densities and changes, median age, gender and education levels. You’ll also find breakdowns of population of children and adults by age group, the number of households with children, income brackets, occupations and even voting patterns.
  • Economy -Look to the economy tab for a clear picture of per capita and median household incomes, as well as employment figures.
  • Quality of Life – This tab is particularly helpful when working with relocations. Looks to quality of life for weather, commute times, transportation options and water quality. It even includes the number of Superfund and Brownfield sites.

From there, you can create the RPR® Neighborhood Report, which summarizes economic, housing, demographic and quality of life information about an area. It’s an in-depth portrait of the people who live in a target area, in addition to key indicators such as job growth, unemployment, cost of living, quality of life, commute times and climate. The report also includes median list and sales prices, listing and sales volumes, and per square foot pricing on sold homes.

To create the report, select report from your homepage and click on neighborhood report. From there, you can choose what features to include in the report before delivering it to your client.


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  • Buz Wolfe    September 11, 2018 | 11:02 am

    This would appear to me to be a “slippery slope” and just begging for a fair Housing suit. Realtors will help pick Buyers’neighborhoods? Really? Flies in the face of everything we have been trying to teach salespeople for 50 years……………..

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