Update from PAR

As COVID-19 has spread throughout Pennsylvania and with Gov. Tom Wolf’s state-of-emergency declaration, we understand that many things are uncertain at this time.

The Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® staff will be working remotely for at least the next several weeks. We will continue to provide services to you, however, you may experience a delay when calling the association. Be assured that our staff will return your call and the PAR Legal Hotline will continue to operate. In addition, the association has suspended in-person activities and events, which are posted on this webpage, PARealtors.org/coronavirus.

We were notified that the State Real Estate Commission offices in Harrisburg are closed and employees are working remotely. You may experience delays if you’re contacting them.

We have already received a number of calls regarding practice issues like open houses and closing delays. PAR is working on resources for you to use, which will be available on PARealtors.org/coronavirus. As a statewide organization, we’ve seen specific market conditions that vary greatly across the state. While we can provide general advice on certain aspects of these events, we are unable to give specific advice on how to handle individual transactions. Based on the governor’s declaration of essential business operations, PAR recommends agents and brokers discuss the impacts on each transaction to decide the best course of action.

The National Association of Realtors® has provided guidance for Realtors® for use in your day-to-day business, including how to approach open houses, driving clients to showings and workplace precautions. 

Please let us know if you have any questions and stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on information available as of 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 1.

PA Government Order FAQs

Are real estate businesses required to close under the governor's order of March 19?

How does the governor’s order to close “non-life sustaining business” impact real estate?

I’ve looked at the governor’s order closing those businesses that are not “life-sustaining”. There are a number of related businesses such as appraisers, inspectors and movers who are not listed in either category. Should we still be expecting those providers to be working?

How does the governor’s Stay at Home order affect real estate? Are any of the answers in this FAQ different in areas covered by that order?

I’m seeing that agents in some neighboring states are still continuing to do in-person business. How can they do that?

Can I still do short term rentals?

Can buyers and sellers do things in-person even though a licensee can't?

Transaction FAQs

Can I still show homes to individual clients?

My buyer client is demanding that I arrange a showing of a listed property despite the Governor’s closure order. Am I legally or contractually obligated to take my client to see that property?

My seller client is demanding that I arrange showings of their property despite the Governor’s closure order. Am I legally or contractually obligated to schedule showings at this time?

Can I still hold open house events?

What is a “virtual” showing or open house? Is it OK for an agent to visit a property to take pictures or stream a video walkthrough?

What if I just go to the property and…<fill in the blank: open the door; shoot a video; just do a quick pre-settlement walkthrough; etc., etc., etc.>

What about vacant properties?

I’ve got this clever idea to get around the governor’s closure order…

My broker is instructing me that I can’t do any in-person services for clients. But I’m an independent contractor; can she do that?

I work in property management. How does the Governor’s order impact my ability to maintain property/lease available units?

Will other providers participating in a real estate transaction be able to complete their tasks related to the transaction?

Can we do remote closings in Pennsylvania?

If a transaction can be completed in compliance with the Governor’s closure order should I be advising my client to do the closing?

Can brokers take new listings while this order is in effect?

Can appraisers continue to complete appraisal assignments?

How should I be handling buyer deposits that are to be put in my escrow account?

Forms and Extension FAQs

Does PAR have a form to deal with transactional delays?

Who is the “notifying party” in the bottom section of PAR Form COVID?

Licensing and Education FAQs

Will real estate licensees still need to renew their license by May 31?

Will new salesperson candidates be able to complete their pre-license education and take their licensing exam?

Will broker candidates be able to complete their required education and take the broker exam?

Business FAQs

Will MLSs be adjusting their rules and policies to account for the market disruption this is causing?

How should I be handling buyer deposits that are to be put in my escrow account?

My office is to be shut down as a non-life-sustaining business. Can I still go into the office to collect the mail, do payroll, etc.?

PAR’s listing and buyer agency contracts all set specific end dates. Do these dates automatically extend if we are unable to service our clients for some time during this state of emergency?

Financial FAQs

As an independent contractor, do I qualify for any state and/or federal benefits if I am unable to work?

As a Realtor®, am I eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance?

What options are available if my business has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic?

Am I eligible for the economic impact payment from the IRS?

Where will the IRS send my economic impact payment?

Latest Articles Related to Coronavirus

PAR Files Brief Supporting Lawsuit to Request Governor to Designate Real Estate as a Life-Sustaining Business

PAR filed an amicus brief supporting a lawsuit filed against Gov. Tom Wolf today. The lawsuit is on behalf of several businesses, which have been impacted by the arbitrary and unclear rules under the governor’s closure order issued last month in response to the coronavirus.

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Rental and Mortgage Payments May Be Affected by Pandemic

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered courts closed to eviction proceedings due to the COVID-19 state of emergency. The court’s order is applicable to all Pennsylvania property owners, managers, landlords, as well as mortgage brokers and lenders.

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Freddie Mac Extends Help to Homeowners Affected by COVID-19

Homeowners facing job loss, reduced income, illness or other issues that impact their ability to make their monthly mortgage payment may be able to contact Freddie Mac, a PAR sponsor, for relief options.

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Working To Help Consumers During The Pandemic

PAR is committed to working with the administration and related industries to develop a comprehensive safety strategy for moving the industry forward in a manner that protects consumers and those involved in providing real estate services.

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COVID-19 Opens Door to New Scams

Be aware of the various ways that scammers are using COVID-19 to exploit individuals.

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Ethics in the Time of COVID-19

Adherence to the Realtor® Code of Ethics is one of the things that sets you apart from mere licensees, and living by the Code is more important than ever in these uncertain times.

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Real Estate Firm Receives Warning for Non-Compliance from State Police

A Pennsylvania real estate firm was notified by the Pennsylvania State Police that they were in violation of Gov. Tom Wolf’s order for non-life-sustaining business to cease in-person operations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Real Estate License Renewal and CE Requirements Extended

License renewal and continuing education requirements for real estate brokers and salespersons have been delayed 90 days, according to the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.

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Governor Authorizes Temporary Use of Remote Online Notarization

Gov. Tom Wolf approves a temporary notarial rule suspension to allow for remote online notarization of documents in a limited category of real estate transactions.

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PAR Officers: Follow Governor’s Order

PAR leaders are telling Realtors® to follow the governor’s orders to cease doing in-person business.

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Coronavirus Resources for Property Owners

The National Association of Realtors® has developed a guide for property owners including links to financial institutions, U.S. federal government agencies, mortgage servicers and more.

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Events Impacted

  • March 18 - Professional Standards Regional Training – Camp Hill; Canceled

  • March 18 - Public Policy Regional Training – Camp Hill; Canceled

  • March 20 - Professional Standards Regional Training – Wilkes-Barre; Canceled

  • March 20 - Public Policy Regional Training – Wilkes-Barre; Canceled

  • March 24 - Governance PAG Meeting; To be rescheduled

  • March 24 - Sellers Property Disclosure Task Force; To be rescheduled

  • March 25 - Membership Data Task Force; To be determined

  • March 25 - Spokesperson Training - Monroeville; Canceled

  • March 25 - Professional Standards Regional Training – Conshohocken; Canceled

  • March 26 - Professional Standards Regional Training – State College; Canceled

  • March 26 - Public Policy Regional Training – State College; Canceled

  • March 31 - Point of Sale Task Force; To be rescheduled

  • April 1 - Professional Standards Regional Training – Monroeville; Canceled

  • April 1 - Public Policy Regional Training – Monroeville; Canceled

  • April 2 - Public Policy Regional Training – Meadville; Canceled

  • April 2 - Professional Standards Regional Training – Meadville; Canceled

  • April 8 - Short-term Rental Task Force; To be rescheduled

  • April 15 - Professional Standards Regional Training – Bucks County; Canceled

  • April 15 - Public Policy Regional Training – Bucks County; Canceled