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Consumers Should Prepare for Flood Risks

by Leighton, Kelly on

With the arrival of spring and a change in temperatures, flooding becomes more commonplace across the U.S.

Despite being a year-round threat, flooding is most common from the spring to the fall, and people should be prepared for the risks. John Dickson, president and CEO of Aon Edge, said the most important thing consumers can do is understand the possible dangers.

“Before the flood waters arrive, understand the risks and what options you have. Educate and be aware, equip yourself with as much information as possible,” said Dickson.

You may have experienced a winter with a rollercoaster of weather. That, said Dickson, is a flood risk. “You’ll have subzero temperatures for days, followed by 30 to 50 degrees warmer days. Those rapid temperature cycles have consequences we haven’t seen before. We’re still playing catchup, it’s eye-opening and there is risk there.”

For new homeowners, or homeowners who have moved to a new area, Dickson recommends talking to the community flood plan manager to help determine the flood risks of the town. “Every community has one; look at how water is managed.”

Additionally, Dickson said there are a lot of accessible tools available, including a flood score on®. Consumers should also rely on their Realtors® for information on the flood risks, he said.

Utilizing the local community is also beneficial, he said. “Talk to your neighbors,” he said. “Understand what they are doing and what risk they see.”

“If you can better understand the risk, you, as a homeowner, can better find solutions that work for you,” he said.


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