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Call-to-Action: Tell Your Senator to Pass House Bill 2412

by Kim Shindle on

Ask your state senator to pass House Bill 2412 (Polinchock, Bucks), which would allow all real estate services to reopen across the state, by responding to PAR’s Call-to-Action as soon as possible. Rep. Todd Polinchock, who served as PAR’s president in 2016, is the prime sponsor of the bill.

HB 2412 passed the Senate Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee yesterday and will move to the Senate for second and third votes this week. The bill will return to the House for concurrence. If passed by both chambers of the General Assembly, it would then move to the governor.

“It’s really unbelievable that Pennsylvania is the only state that does not recognize real estate as a life-sustaining business. Real estate professionals in every other state in the country are helping their clients buy and sell their homes,” said William Festa, PAR president. “We believe that with the proper safety procedures in place to protect both clients and Realtors®, real estate business should be allowed in every county in Pennsylvania. I urge you to contact your state senator today and ask them to support House Bill 2412.”

The association has been advocating that real estate services be classified as life-sustaining, following the change to federal guidelines for Critical Infrastructure Workers as amended within the Critical Infrastructure Guidelines released on March 28, 2020 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

PAR continues to hear from both consumers and Realtors® about the devastating hardships the shutdown has had on them. “Individuals and families are unable to access shelter and many are facing tremendous financial issues because Pennsylvania has banned in-person real estate transactions from occurring for a majority of Pennsylvanians,” Festa said. “It’s time the state allows us to help our clients to buy and sell their homes.”

Contact your state senator today and ask them to support House Bill 2412.


Call-to-Action House Bill 2412
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