Pittsburgh named best city for first-time buyers

By Kelly Leighton | April 9, 2019 | 2 min. read

Pittsburgh recently nabbed top honors for the best city for first-time homebuyers according to the 2019 Bankrate Best/Worst Metros for First-time Buyers Study.

The Realtors® Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh President-elect Robert Moncavage said there are four features of the city that make it so attractive and attainable for first-time buyers: affordability, stability, jobs and safety.

“There are quality homes available in a broad spectrum of pricing, from opening price point homes in the $50,000 range to nicer homes, which are still lower than the median home sale price nationally,” said Moncavage. “The Pittsburgh market is incredibly stable. We’ve never really experienced a housing bubble, so we’ve never experienced the bust that followed. Most neighborhoods are relatively stable, making homeownership a very strong investment to build wealth over the long term.”

As for jobs, Moncavage said there is a wide variety of professions represented in the Pittsburgh area. “Major employment sectors now include technology, health-related fields, education, financial services, government services and more. To be a buyer, one needs good employment opportunities. Pittsburgh is making that happen,” added Moncavage.

“Pittsburgh has it all,” said Moncavage. “The availability of lifestyle activities is amazing, top-notch sports teams, arts and cultural offerings, headline entertainment, museums, parks, community events and festivals, extensive dining options, nightlife, numerous microbreweries and fireworks.”

Moncavage also cited the diversity in the area. “Within a short distance of one another, you can live in trendy urban homes and condos, old school city living, redeveloped historical-type homes, enjoy sweeping cityscapes, college living, ethnically-based communities, walking neighborhoods, nightlife-driven areas, suburban living or if you’re willing to travel a little further, even rural settings,” he said.

“From the first time I came through the Fort Pitt Tunnel, a true entrance to the city skyline, and walked around the downtown and surrounding areas, I knew this would become my home. If people could see the Pittsburgh area through my eyes and with what my experiences have been, they would see a region so different than what they expect and evolving in a way that is so exciting. I love it here and have no intention of ever leaving,” added Moncavage.

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