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Legal Issues

Delay of game? Counting days…

Apr. 6, 2009 2 min. read


What do you get when you cross status updates and a jury trial?

Mar. 17, 2009 2 min. read


What’s the difference between renewing my license and Quadrennial Code of Ethics?

Feb. 27, 2009 2 min. read

Legal Issues

Condos, HOA’s and the dreaded documents!

Feb. 23, 2009 4 min. read

Legal Issues

Transferring licenses and its effect on pending deals and listings

Feb. 9, 2009 3 min. read

Legal Issues

Switching brokers and taking sellers

Dec. 22, 2008 3 min. read

Industry News

All I really needed to know about customer service I learned in a deli

Dec. 12, 2008 3 min. read

Legal Issues

It’s not really cheating if I feel good about it, right?

Dec. 3, 2008 2 min. read

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