Homeownership is an attractive feature to potential dates, survey finds

By Kelly Leighton | Feb. 27, 2019 | 2 min. read

Nearly half of single people said that homeownership was a very attractive or attractive feature in a potential mate.

According to realtor.com®, 48 percent of single women and 43 percent of single men surveyed felt that way about homeownership. However, it’s typically not a deal breaker if someone does not own a property yet. Comparatively, only 24 percent of respondents, including 29 percent of women and 19 percent of men said it is important, as opposed to just attractive, for their significant other to own a home.

“Attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder, and this survey data suggests that many beholders find homeownership attractive, perhaps using it as a signal for financial savviness and success,” said Danielle Hale, realtor.com®‘s chief economist. “Single millennials seem to find homeownership in a potential partner especially attractive, even if only one quarter feels that it is important.”

Interestingly, despite widespread talk of millennials being the generation that still isn’t buying, those in that age bracket were most likely to report that homeownership made someone more attractive, with close to 60 percent feeling that way. They were also the generation that were most likely to think it is important for their other half to be a homeowner, according to 26 percent.

Pittsburgh is one of the top five cities in the country for single male homeowners, at 19.9 percent. The median list price in Pittsburgh is generally affordable, at $170,000. Meanwhile, Philadelphia is one of the top five cities in the U.S. for single female homeowners, at 20.7 percent. The median list price in Philly is $250,000.


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