COVID-19 Vaccines Pose Questions for Employers

By Kim Shindle | Jan. 19, 2021 | 2 min. read

Editor’s note: For the most up-to-date information on COVID vaccines, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health recently announced its phased COVID vaccination plan for when people in the commonwealth can be vaccinated based on recommendations from the CDC based on risk assessments. Real estate professionals are not specifically mentioned on either the CDC or the DOH guidelines.

“PAR is reaching out to the Department of Health for further clarification on the lists provided and we’re talking with a coalition of other organizations looking to receive additional information,” PAR CEO Mike McGee said.

As COVID-19 vaccines are approved and distributed across the country, many employers – including real estate brokers – are considering whether they can and/or should require vaccinations for their workers. Extensive EEOC guidance has been boiled down by NAR to cover the issues of most importance to brokers.

PAR Staff Attorney Kacy Clouser said the issue is a complicated one and cautions that brokers will need to discuss any proposed mandates with their brokerage counsel before moving forward.

“It is possible for brokers to mandate vaccines – both for staff and for agents who work as independent contractors – but such a requirement can potentially be affected by several different state and federal laws,” Clouser said. “PAR is not taking a position on whether a broker should or should not impose such a mandate, but is providing facts so brokers can make an informed decision after talking with their counsel. I can’t stress strongly enough that brokers should consult with their attorney before implementing any such policy.”

Visit PAR’s coronavirus resource page for an extensive vaccine FAQ.

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