How Close is Too Close to Live Near Family?

Sixty-seven percent of more than 2,000 respondents said they wish they lived within a 45-minute drive of their family, which is an increase of 40% from April 2019. However, consumers don’t want to live too close to their families.

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Fair Housing: Are You Unconsciously Steering Clients?

“If an agent is treating one person better than another similarly situated person, and the difference between them is one of the seven categories in the Fair Housing Act, the agent has violated the law,” said Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Bill Dedman in a webinar with Pennsylvania Realtors®.

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Getting to Know and Keeping Your Clients

District 5 Vice President Sherrie Miller said she makes an effort to stay in touch with clients long after closing. “I send them birthday cards and contact them when they have children, grandchildren or any new life event to congratulate them or send condolences,” she said.

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