How Can I Assist You?

The PAR Legal Hotline gets a lot of questions about agents wanting to hire “assistants” to grow their real estate practice. But these questions aren’t quite as cut and dry as you might hope since there is not a legal or statutory definition of exactly what an “assistant” is or does.

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…and I Want a Pony

It seems that many buyers, sellers, brokers and agents seem to believe that merely asking (or demanding) for something to happen just magically speaks it into existence and they are entitled to get whatever they want.

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New Year, New NAR Policy Updates

All Professional Standards changes are in effect as of Jan. 1, so they’re effective now. MLS policy changes are effective as of Jan. 1, but local Realtor®-owned MLSs have until March 1 to adopt the changes into their local rules. (Editor’s Note: That date has been moved to Sept. 1.)

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