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Appliances: Should You Fix or Replace?

by Kelly Leighton on

If the dishwasher is leaking water and sputtering, do you dig out your gloves, pull up YouTube for instructions and start digging around in there? Or do you order a new one on the spot?

Seventy-five percent of consumers in a recent Cinch survey said they opt to try and fix an appliance themselves to save some money. While only 12.9% are extremely confident they can fix things around the house, 37% are very confident and 30% are somewhat confident. But at least people can admit failure, 78% of respondents attempted to repair something at home and failed, while 55% said they spent more money attempting to repair it themselves than a professional would have cost and 38% have even hurt themselves while fixing something at home. For consumers with partners, repairs at home sometimes cause conflict as well. More than half of respondents reported fighting with their significant other over repairs and 31% went through a breakup over home repairs.

For some people, they can live with a malfunctioning microwave or temperamental washing machine. But if you’re listing your home, you know it needs to be in the best shape. More than half of respondents said they plan to update current appliances before selling, and believe it will increase their home value by $13,668. Fifty-nine percent of respondents said they would repair or replace the air conditioning if it wasn’t working, while 46% would do the same for the dishwasher and 46% said the would replace a broken water heater. An oven, washing machine refrigerator were other popular appliances sellers would make sure worked before listing their property.

Overall, consumers think they would save the most money to fix it themselves instead of replace the air conditioner, washing machine and refrigerator. And when it’s time to replace, the majority are looking on Amazon, followed by big box retailers and then independent retailers.


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