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3D Tours: Can They Help Your Real Estate Business?

By: Kelly Leighton on in

Is your goal in 2020 to up your marketing game?

3D tours are becoming increasingly popular, and homebuyers and sellers alike are in favor of them. According to Matterport, who surveyed 2,000 buyers and sellers, close to 80% of respondents said they switch to a Realtor® who offered 3D tours, and nearly 90% would then recommend these agents to their friends. Not surprisingly, younger buyers are the most enthusiastic about an interactive type of tour. Ninety-four percent of Generation Z and 83% of millennials said they would choose a different agent who offered these services.

“It’s clear that property listings with only static photos will no longer be viable options,” said Jay Remley, chief revenue officer of Matterport. “An immersive 3D experience is what buyers and sellers want – and it pays off.” Remley added that properties with a 3D tour sell 20% faster and sell for up to 9% more than those without.

Ninety-nine percent of sellers said they believe a 3D tour would give their home a competitive edge, while 89% said they think their home would sell faster if a 3D tour was offered. Eighty percent of sellers said they would switch Realtors® to find one that did offer 3D tours.

More than 90% of buyers said they would be more interested in a listing with a 3D tour. And buyers said a 3D tour gives them perspective to take digital measurements of the home, like rooms, doors and windows. More than half of buyers surveyed said they would buy a property without seeing it in person and only viewing it via a 3D tour.

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  • Joe Hendel   February 7, 2020 at 12:01 pm

    Would it be possible to see the questionnaire that was used with the respondents? What criteria was used to establish whether a home utilizing a 3D Tour sells faster and for a higher price?

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  • Jeff Martin   February 7, 2020 at 12:42 pm

    I would agree 3d tours are a positive for buyers and sellers. however, the numbers Matterport are reporting could be skewed since Matterport currently has a strong hold on the 3d market. So, I am wondering how accurate their survey is considering they probably polled customers that were already familiar with them and their service. So, it would be nice to know what the market really thinks with unbiased approach.

    Reply to Jeff Martin
    • Kelly Leighton   February 8, 2020 at 4:10 pm

      Hi Jeff,
      I reached out to Matterport and was informed:
      The data from this survey polling 1,000 homebuyers and 1,000 homesellers was collected from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk), and the survey respondents did not know that this was a Matterport-commissioned survey. MTurk is a platform for crowdsourcing to mobilize individuals to complete various tasks and is an excellent data collection tool.
      • The sample collected from MTurk is likely more diverse than a sample of undergraduate students, as is often used in research studies
      • The reliability of data collected from MTurk has not been found to be significantly different than data collected by other means. Participants who respond using MTurk generally answer reliably and consistently, as evidenced by high test-retest reliability rates even after a period of three weeks

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