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3 ways to use hashtags for real estate marketing

by Kevin Juliano, CAE, RCE on

You have your social media accounts set up. You have been posting engaging, consumer-focused content. But you are wondering what to do next. Finding and using appropriate hashtags for your real estate marketing can help you reach a broader target audience.

Before I dive into three ways you can use hashtags for real estate marketing, I will answer one question you may have. What is a hashtag? Simply put, it is the pound sign (or hash) followed by text.

For the Pennsylvania Association of Realtor® Business Meetings, we use #PARbiz as our hashtag. At the REALTORS® Triple Play Expo, we use #TP15. These simple phrases are used to aggregate conversation around the Realtor® meetings. But hashtags can be integrated into your real estate marketing.

  1. Location-specific conversations.
  2. Find your local Chamber of Commerce or tourism board on social media. Look at what those entities are using to promote the region and the type of content they are sharing. The Greater Philadelphia visitor website uses #VisitPhilly to promote the region. #VisitPhilly encourages visitors to post photos from Philadelphia’s famous iconic landmarks and places.

  3. Keep it simple.
  4. When it comes to social media posts, shorter is better. Keeping your hashtags concise will have greater impact. It will also allow you to have more space on some platforms for other content; text, links, photos, videos.

  5. Track hashtags.
  6. I recommend using a platform that allows you to track hashtags. I have used Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Sprout Social, and other programs based on what I needed to track and for how long. If you are tracking hashtags used by others or tracking a hashtag you start using, it’s important to stay involved in the conversation.

There are many more tips for using hashtags, but these three tips will get your online marketing started on the right path.


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